Celebrating 40 years together in Paris

Sharing something super personal, here’s this story:

January 6 is a special day for my family because not only we celebrate El Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) but it is also my parent’s wedding anniversary. However, today is exceptional, today my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! Wooohoooo! To kick off the celebrations, my sisters and I decided to gift them a family trip to Europe. And since we were going to Paris, and they always wanted to go, I wanted to do a Paris photo session for them. It took some convincing, but they finally agreed. I got them their outfits and on our second day in Paris, we went to Trocadero Plaza at sunrise, it was still packed with people, but we were there and we were going to make it work, and we got some beautiful shots. 

I feel incredibly lucky, and I know my sisters share this sentiment too, that we were able to share this trip with them, and were able to create memories. I know I’m super excited about these pictures because not only I got to do a beautiful photoshoot for my parents in Paris, but they already told me they love the photos, which, we know, it’s all that matters!

Happy Anniversary Papi y Mami, you are the living example of a loving, loyal, respectful, and fun marriage. As the kids say now, you are #goals. I love you!









5 thoughts on “Celebrating 40 years together in Paris

  1. This is beautiful! Not just the photos, which of course are flawless, but the story and sentiment. So sweet of you to do for them and such a nice, personal thing to share with everyone. Forever in love with this session! 😍

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